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We enVISION a world where services, resources, knowledge and opportunity are readily available to every struggling individual, every mother, every father, every child, and every family regardless of race or ethnicity, sexual orientation, socio-economic status, religion, or personal circumstances.


As a national consulting firm, our MISSION is to provide support for nonprofits that focus on the growth and healing of families and individuals by increasing services and funding to nonprofit organizations through expert grant writing, program development, and organizational self-sufficiency training. We listen to the dreams and visions of nonprofits with a blank page in front of us, and together we turn those dreams into real possibilities. We are builders and creators, translating nonprofit hopes and goals into grant winning proposals. We are teachers, guiding nonprofit leaders to become more confident in their ability to garnish financial support.


With our clients, we have the unlimited potential and power of a blank page to uplift and strengthen individuals, families, and communities.



Our team is made of experts and students in the field of family. Studying and applying relationship principles is our passion, whether that be within the family or within the workplace.

Healthy relationships of all kinds are the building blocks of society.

We value your goals and the relationships you are serving through your organization. 

We value your family and the families of our team members. 

We value the relationships that we build with you.



We believe that learning never ends and that the ability to learn and grow is greater than just getting the job done.

We value acknowledging when growth is needed and making the effort to change.


 We value the unique perspectives from all of our team members and clients.

We value constructive criticism and feedback.

Ultimately, we value the opportunities we have to keep growing as individuals, as a team, as a company, and as a society.


With our foundation built on Relationships and Growth, providing expert service is inevitable.

We want you to succeed and grow;


We want the individuals, families, and communities you serve to succeed and grow;

We want our team members and their families to succeed and grow; AND

We want to build strong connections along the way.

We are experts, and we show up at our best every time.

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